Engineering Services

Sanjeshgaran Niroo Energy Company was established in October 2007 to provide technical and engineering services in the fields of quality control systems, assurance of the quality of technical and engineering processes of the industry according to national and international standards, the provision of laboratory and metrology services, testing, repair, Calibration and Adjustment of measuring instruments and instrumentation.

With the membership in the Iranian Society of Metrology and Calibration, as well as its membership in the Association of Iranian Oil Industry Equipment Manufacturers, the company has always sought to improve the quality of its services to its customers. one of the fundamental principles of quality promotion is the use of skilled and trained personnel with the suitable equipment and up-to-date. The experts and managers of this company have a high level of education and expertise and a good Work Experience of quality control in various quality inspection departments, metrology laboratories and calibration of precise equipment and tools. the result of the company’s human experience and expertise in the form of four books of electrical metrology (calibration and measurement uncertainty), the foundations of metrology, measurement and calibration of temperature and analog and digital oscilloscopes are available to enthusiasts and specialists of this field. The first book on metrology and calibration, titled Electrical Metrology, was sponsored by the company. This valuable book in the spring of 2009 was honored with the award of the book of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Technical and engineering abilities

  • Calibration, installation and repair of various temperature, electrical and electronic, pressure and dimensional equipment
  • Deploying expert teams to the site of factories and industries to carry out calibration and testing operations
  • Organizing training courses for calibration of measuring instruments in the field of different quantities using the best experts in this field
  • Consultation on how to equip the laboratory and deploy the ISO 17025 standard
  • Sales of control and instrumentation equipment along with the certification of calibration