Introduction of a Company
The Sanjeshgaran Niroo Energy Company has established to provide technical and engineering services in verification of quality control systems, quality assurance of technical and engineering process based on national and international standards, measurement, testing, repair, maintenance, and calibration of measurement and instrumentation systems
The Sanjeshgaran Niroo Energy Company has received the instrumentation accreditation (No. TI584) from Iranian National Standards Organization in September 2007, and later in September 2012 awarded ISO/IEC17025 standard (No. 335). The company is a member of the Institute of Measurement and Calibration of Iran and Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers, and always looking for increasing the quality of service to customers by employing the experts with highest levels of education and expertise in quality control, measurement laboratories, calibration equipment and instrumentation systems. As a result, four books of Electrical Metrology, Fundamentals of Metrology, Measurement and Calibration of Temperature, and Analog and Digital Oscilloscopes has been developed and published. The Electrical Metrology book has received the prestigious book of the season award in year 2009-201